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The management of natural resources by the company and consideration of the needs of the local population have led to many regional improvements.

The company has gone to great lengths to ensure those people adversely affected by the development are adequately cared for. The only village (Ban Nam Han) in the catchment area, with population of approximately thirty-five households, was resettled before the village was submerged. During the resettlement, Houay Ho paid the Lao Government a fair sum towards the resettlement costs for the people of Ban Nam Han. Glow Group as the current majority shareholder is continuing this process and has integrated HHPC into its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

In accordance with the Lao Government Resettlement policy, Ban Nam Han was integrated into a resettlement village with the inhabitants of other villages on the Bolaven Plateau for better protection and conservation of the area. A total of 12 villages with 640 households were relocated to the new village in Ban Houay Kong.

The aim of the Lao Government Resettlement policy is to improve the quality of life of villagers and provide them with access to better social benefits. The residents of Ban Houay Kong enjoy household income through coffee plantations and other forms of agriculture, a health clinic, running water, a sewage system and education. The improved livelihood of residents has helped to reduce the pressure on the environment in the National Biodiversity Conservation Areas (NBCA) that adjoins the project.