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 Project Overview

Houay Ho Power Company (HHPC) is an independent power producer (IPP) located in the Attapeu province, in the southern part of Laos. It is a 152 MW hydroelectric power plant and began commercial operation in 1999. The company operates in accordance with build, operate and transfer (BOT) agreement with Lao government, supplies electricity to EDL, and also exports electricity to EGAT, Thailand.

The Bolaven Plateau is located in the far south of Laos. It is an elevated area of some 5,000 km2, which extends over parts of Champasak, Saravan and Attapeu Provinces.

The southern and eastern parts of the plateau rim form a very steep escarpment, which changes elevation from about 1,000 to 1,200 meters above sea level over a distance of only a few kilometers. The escarpment is an excellent site for a high head power scheme.


 Project Outline



Main Dam
Type:    Concrete Face Rockfill
Height :  79 m
Volume:  1.11x106 m3

Reservoir area:     37.0 km2
High Water Level:  883.00 meters above sea level
Low Water Level:   861.00 meters above sea level
Effective Volume:   527x106 m3
Max. discharge: 22.0 m3/s
Annual Rainfall (Average):   2,300  mm
Catchments area: 192.0 km2

 Plant and Transmission Line


Installed Capacity: 150 MW (75MWx2) and Small Turbine:  2.1MW for Local consumption.
Type of Turbine: Pelton
Gross Head:    775.5 m
Waterway:  3,540 m (Underground Pressure Tunnel) 

Transmission Line
230kVx2 circuits
(over a distance 161km to Thai/Lao Border)

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