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Houay Ho takes pride in the example it has set as a foreign company operating in Laos. The company is keen to follow the lead of the Lao Government and respect the considerations of the Lao people. The company pays royalties to the authorities in return for the concession it was granted, and provides a stable employment to a large number of local residents.

 Contribution to Lao PDR & Local Economy

HHPC represents a significant contributor to national and local economy
  • Major foreign investment in an infrastructure project
  • Supplies electricity to the local community
  • Significant local operations & maintenance spendings
  • Important source of royalties and taxes paid to the national and provincial governments
  • Significant employment opportunities:
    • During construction
      - *325 jobs for Lao citizens, most of them taken by local people (Ban Nam Han village & immediate surroundings)
    • Permanent jobs during operation:
      - *84 jobs for Lao citizens, most of them taken by local people (Ban Nam Han village  & immediate surroundings)

 Social/Environmental Activities during the year 2009

Donation to the victims of tropical storm
  • CEO of Houay Ho Power Co., Ltd., Mr. Yoong Park (4th right) and Mr. Heikki Pudas, EVP- Project Development & Business of Glow Group (center) hand over sticky rice and condiments worth US$ 11,000 (93.5 Million Kip) to Mr. Khenthong Sisuvong (second right), Vice Governor of Attapeu Province and Mr. Vathsady Khoumphetsavong, Chief of Cabinet of Attapeu Province on Dec.8, 2009. The donation was distributed to the victims of tropical storm Ketsana in the surrounding villages of Houay Ho power plant and in Attapeu Province.

 Social / Environmental Activities during the year 2008

  • Our commitment to social/environmental involvement continued in 2008 which includes dedicating one additional new school building to take care of increasing number of young students in resettlement village, continued awards of scholarship...
  •  We have also cooperated with local villages (Ban Sok, Khoumkham) near the Power Plant to encourage learning enthusiasm of local students, and to improve local clinic including building electrification, providing basic surgical tools and furniture.

 Social/Environmental Activities during the years 2006 ~ 2007

As part of our continuous social and environmental commitment to our neighbors and local community, HHPC dedicated various facilities to the people of Ban Houay Kong resettlement village between January 2006 and March 2007, such as:
  • Renovation of access road stretching approximately 5 km.
  • A new school building having 3 classrooms complete with furniture.
  • Renovation of two (2) existing school buildings complete with new furniture and a library, and with new wire perimeter fence to prevent animal access to school facilities.

  • Modernizing the health clinic::
      - We installed a solar power system at the clinic to provide an access to electricity for cold storage of vaccines and the other delicate        medicines.
      - Various medical equipment including powerful microscope, surgical sets & etc.
      - We are providing medical consumables and medicine every month.
      - With a continuous water quality monitoring.
  • Building sports facilities such as playground, valley ball and badminton courts in the school.
  • Large-scale maintenance of water supply systems and new fishponds.
  • Donating a communal tractor, sets of hand tools and etc.
  • Awarding scholarships for outstanding students in the village

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